Into the world it goes! / Megacon wrap-up!

Well, there comes a time in every parents life that they have to watch their child grow up and move out.  That time for me is now.

  • Packing and shipping out VERY NEAR MINT’s!

At this point, over 80% of the Kickstarter backers rewards are on their way across the world!  From Florida, to California, to the UK, to Greece, to Australia, and way more in between! Some of you have already gotten your packages, and others should be there between tomorrow and next week.  I’ve got about 12 to 15 more packages left to be sent… and those should be on their way next later next week.

  • Here’s a photo of me with the receipt from the post office… (I’m 6 feet tall, by the way!) Amazingly, the post office employee told me that it wasn’t the longest receipt she’d ever seen.

The response has been fantastic for Very Near Mint.  Everyone really seems to dig the art and the story, and hopefully you do too.  Please spread the word to your comic friends, to your local comic shop, to whoever will listen.  I have included a business card in most of your packages, so feel free to give that to someone if they want to contact me to purchase the book, or just direct them to verynearmint.comor facebook.com/verynearmint

Also, be on the lookout for Very Near Mint at your local comic shops soon.  We already have copies at the following locations… Read More Comics in Brandon, FL, A Little Shop of Comics in Scotch Plains, NJ, Challengers Comics in Chicago, IL and the Secret Headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. 

The creative process has already started for volume two, and I can guarantee that I’ll be back on Kickstarter, raising funds for the next book.  Most likely sometime in the summer.  Hopefully you’ll be on the Kickstarter bandwagon for volume 2! 

For those of you in the New York / New Jersey area, I’ll be attending MoCCA Fest (Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art) next Saturday and Sunday, April 9th and 10th. I’ll be located at table L17, with my buddy Lee, selling our comics, sketchbooks, buttons, t-shirts, prints, and whatever else we can gather up! 


What to say about Megacon… well… hm.  It’s not the same convention it was when I was a kid.  It almost seems like a cosplayer convention, not a comic convention.  A couple years ago, it seemed like an anime convention.  It’s a weird beast.  It was packed on Saturday, and I sold a pretty good amount of VNM’s.

Some people even remembered me from 2007, when I had the first (20 page) version of the book out!   Astonishing and flattering!  Speaking of Astonishing…

  • A commission I did for a guy who works for CGC. Click for a larger version!

So that’s that I guess.  Seriously, get the word out about Very Near Mint!  I’m not below begging you!  I’ll beg!  I’LL DO IT!  I have no shame!


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